Welcoming Hitachi Rail Driverless Thessaloniki Metro

Welcoming Hitachi Rail Driverless Thessaloniki Metro

Ioannis Tsamichas - Law Offices - Studio Legale - Δικηγορικό Γραφείο

It was a great honor for Ioannis Tsamichas, as a lawyer of Hitachi Rail to welcome alongside the Hitachi Rail Branch Manager Gianluca Magro and the Hitachi Principal Commissioning Manager Leonardo Paolella, the Minister of Infrastructure Kostas Karamanlis, the Deputy Minister George Karagiannis, together with the President of Attiko Metro Nikolaos Tachiaos and the CEO Nikolas Kouretas to the largest infrastructure project in Greece, the Hitachi Rail Driverless Thessaloniki Metro, where we witnessed the successful tests of the Hitachi Rail driverless train vehicles and the modern spacial control room, it’s really Hitachi Rail Inspire the Next!

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