About Us

Who we are

Tsamichas law firm is a leading Athens-based firm providing legal services to all branches of law to clients of various scales. Through a yearly experience we have achieved a high-performance level and personal service, fully equipped with adaptability, enthusi-asm, ethics, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. We have successfully handled many cases from individual issues and family businesses to national and international entities, providing modern, proactive, and risk mitigation solutions.

Our Clients

Our law firm has provided and still offers legal services to contractors of significant large public works and developments in the Greek market, especially in the fields of transport, construction, technology, and energy; such as being the legal advisor of Hitachi Rail STS in Greece overwatching their significant national projects such as the Thessaloniki Metro and its extension to Kalamaria. Our office cooperates with renowned foreign law firms to handle legal issues with European-International dimensions.

What we do

The office is recognized as an expert in practices of International Commercial & Corporate Law, Competition Law, Energy & Sustainability and Civil Law, etc. Additionally, the office has an organized tax, financial affairs, business organization, and public affairs departments.

Our Network

Today, our office due to its special involvement with Italy represents leading Italian companies in Greece. Also, it maintains an international network of partners in Italy, Brussels, Finland, Spain, Luxemburg, Armenia, Turkey, and more


Our relationship with the legal science goes back to the end of the 19th century with Ioannis-Eustratios Tsamichas (1896), continued by Spyridon Tsamichas (1942) and our office to this day continues this tradition with the successful, continuous and tireless provision of our legal services

Our Members

The associates of the office hold studies in Greece and abroad with expert knowledge in English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish.

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