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Welcome to the LegalTech page of Tsamichas Law Firm- the innovative space where legal expertise meets technological advancement. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving LegalTech landscape, as we truly value the incredible potential that these advanced tools hold for enriching and modernizing the practice of law.

At Tsamichas Law Firm, we believe in embracing change and technological advancements to drive efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. By leveraging the latest developments in LegalTech, we aim to streamline legal processes, offer personalized services, and deliver high-quality results to our clients, all while maintaining our core values of integrity, transparency, and excellence.

Our focus on LegalTech is powered by an understanding that the intersection of law and technology can greatly enhance our services. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enhancing legal research and data analysis, to blockchain technology providing novel approaches to contract management and smart contracts, we are dedicated to incorporating these cutting-edge tools into our work.

We also see immense value in LegalTech for its ability to democratize legal services, making them more accessible and affordable. Through virtual consultations, online dispute resolution, and automated legal services, we aim to break down barriers and make legal assistance available to all who need it.

At Tsamichas Law Firm, we don’t just adopt technology; we innovate with it. We are continuously exploring new possibilities, investigating the latest trends, and adopting the best practices in LegalTech. We do this not only to stay ahead in the industry but more importantly, to serve our clients better.

The future of legal services is here, and it’s digital. Join us as we continue our journey, harnessing the power of LegalTech to transform the way we practice law and serve you, our valued clients. Explore our website to learn more about our LegalTech initiatives, the technologies we use, and how they are shaping the future of Tsamichas Law Firm.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the awarded, Energon Green Solutionsa start-up consultancy that specialises in the field of Renewable Energy, Sustainability, LegalTech & FinTech. It provides an integrated smart analytics ecosystem in which environmental, energy efficiency, legal and financial data are recorded and assessed through widely acknowledged standards.

Goals & Problem Solving 

  • Establishment of direct networking
  • Optimize allocation of resources
  • Personalized consulting
  • Mitigate Greenwashing
  • Promote transparency
  • Cost-efficiency 

We provide consultancy services in the industry of renewable energy, directly or through our international network of associates. We also specialise in project development for clients that want to get involved in European Union Programmes, as well as recommend possible strategies that address carbon mitigation. We aim to increase transparency in terms of environmental impact and empower carbon pricing and trading initiatives.



LegalTech Services

  • We support citizens, SMEs, and Municipalities in designing and developing community energy project
  • Participate in EU Projects, Horizon 2020, Smart Cities & ICTs, Smart
  • Personalised consulting
  • Establishment of direct networking
  • Mitigate Greenwashing
  • Community energy business modeling
  • Digital technologies
  • Financing
  • Governance
  • Social acceptance
  • Energy poverty mitigation

Research on:

  • The European Union Waste Framework Directive – waste hierarchy
  • Integrated Waste Management (IWM)
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Zero Waste Planning
  • Participatory Waste Management Planning

We work on monitoring and improving community energy policies, regulations, targets, and

  • Climate risk, adaptation, and TCFD support
  • Policy development and advice
  • Science-based targets setting
  • ESG policies review, market gap analysis & benchmarking against peers Sustainability communication and
  • reporting support
  • Low carbon and energy savings financial support
  • Net Zero Carbon strategies and implementation
  • Identification of relevant SDGs
  • Social value strategies
  • Climate risk, adaptation and TCFD support
  • Policy development and advice
  • Science-base targets setting

We raise awareness and run educational, training, capacity-building, and upskilling activities and programs:

  • Provide real-time emissions status
  • ESG internal training & stakeholders engagement and educatio
  • Recommend possible strategies that address carbon mitigation
  • Increase transparency in terms of environmental impact
  • Empower carbon pricing and trading initiatives
  • Promote transparency between the firm, its stakeholders, and the general public