Spyros-Nikitas Tsamichas at ESFYN “Green Energy, Smart Technologies & Sustainable Cities”

Spyros-Nikitas Tsamichas at ESFYN “Green Energy, Smart Technologies & Sustainable Cities”

Tsamichas Spyros Nikitas EFSYN Tsamichas Law Energy Sustainability Smart Cities Technologies Carbon Capturing AI Tech

The drive for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future brings the coupling of sustainability, green energy, and technology into focus. All countries are now aiming for a green energy transition, with Greece on the threshold of an energy revolution.

Sustainability, at its core, is about ensuring that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is a noble pursuit that requires rethinking our approach to resource management and energy production, such as by promoting the use of electric cars and public transportation. Green energy, a key pillar of sustainability, involves harnessing natural resources such as sun, water, wind and geothermal energy to produce energy while minimising environmental impacts. This sustainable approach is not only environmentally responsible but also economically sound.

Greece, with its abundant sources of clean renewable energy, such as sunlight and offshore wind resources, is in a privileged position. So as we envision a future where sustainable energy production and resource management will take the lead, it is clear that this transformation will not be possible without the integration of advanced technology. Cutting-edge solutions such as offshore wind or floating farms, energy wave converters, smart bins and green space sensors are essential to maximise efficiency, optimise resource allocation and promote sustainable development in the country.

Through the ethical use of technology, there is an opportunity to create smart inclusive cities that will redefine urban living. The concept of smart cities is gaining ground worldwide. An important example is the city of Amsterdam, which has implemented smart traffic and parking management systems, as well as the use of Internet of Things technology to monitor air quality and provide direct information to citizens. These urban centres are designed to be efficient, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced, optimising energy use, reducing waste and improving the quality of life of their residents. Greece’s pursuit of smart cities is fully aligned with the global movement for sustainable development.

In this movement, industrial hubs are critical elements of sustainable smart cities and play a key role in achieving environmental goals. The integration of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and bioenergy with carbon capture and utilisation (BECCUS) technologies are instrumental in reducing, capturing and storing carbon emissions from industrial processes and energy production, as well as creating new opportunities for sustainable resource management. The utilisation of carbon can include its conversion into valuable products such as chemicals, fuels or building materials, contributing to a circular economy. The application of these technologies in Greece promises accessibility to clean air and energy. Exploiting Greece’s industrial hubs and abundant renewable resources facilitates the adoption of CCUS, BECCUS and carbon recovery practices, ultimately promoting the transition to green energy.

Recognizing the above developments, a newly established Greek sustainability consultancy, Energon Green Solutions, not only aligns itself with the new imperative environmental needs, but is emerging as a pan-European innovator in the field. The company, founded in 2021 by two brothers, students, Spyros Nikitas Tsamichas (lawyer) and Marios-Fokas Tsamichas (economist), alongside their studies, aims to redefine human living through the creation of sustainable cities and practices, was awarded first place in the 2023 Idea Competition of Maastricht University, receiving a prize money from Universiteitsfonds Limburg/Swol for the implementation of University Artificial Virtual Assistants (University Artificial Virtual Assistant / Chatbot).

The aim of digital assistants is to correctly direct and answer user questions (citizens, students, employees, staff) through automated optimisation and data processing. Faster and more efficient use of data aims at transparency, cost reduction and more effective adoption of new sustainable strategies. Leveraging innovative technologies and legal expertise, Energon Green Solutions of the Chamicha Brothers is dedicated to helping businesses, industries and government agencies seamlessly align with new green practices.

From navigating complex regulatory landscapes and regulatory compliance to implementing sustainable energy solutions, two young people dreamed through Energon Green Solutions to provide a holistic approach to consulting, promoting responsible resource management and green energy adoption. And they made it happen.

Tsamichas Spyros Nikitas EFSYN Tsamichas Law Energy Sustainability Smart Cities Technologies Carbon Capturing AI Tech
Tsamichas Spyros Nikitas
EFSYN Tsamichas Law Energy Sustainability Smart Cities Technologies Carbon Capturing AI Tech

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