Meeting of Mr. I. Tsamichas with the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Pavlopoulos

Meeting of Mr. I. Tsamichas with the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Pavlopoulos

The President of the Republic Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos met at the Presidential Palace with the President of the Union of Bilateral Greek-European Chambers of Commerce and Greek President of the Hellenic-British Chamber Mr. Harry Economopoulos, the President of the Hellenic-French Chamber of Commerce. Mailli and the President of the Hellenic-Italian Chamber Mr. Giannis Tsamichas.

At the meeting, which lasted more than an hour, the President of the Republic was informed about the purposes of the Union, which was established in January 2015 by the oldest and largest bilateral Greek-European chambers, which still retain their autonomy, alternating alternately in its presidency every six months.

Messrs. Economopoulos, Lemarie, Maillis and Tsamichas, after thanking the President for his interest and response, pointed out that, from a business point of view, time in Greece, unlike the rest of Europe, seems to have stopped, although it still continues. to run.
After clarifying that the interest of the companies participating in the Bilateral Greek-European Chambers is not political but economic, as their purpose is to strengthen competitiveness and extroversion, expressed their deep concern about the consequences that are accumulating in the economy on a daily basis and burdening entrepreneurship, from the prolonged uncertainty and the reform inaction of the last twelve months.

They expressed their deep concern about ideological entanglements that, despite the seven-year crisis, its enormous cost and the sacrifices of society, continue to dominate the political agenda to this day.

Inefficient governance and instability, they added, should not come as a surprise if we consider that, in the last six years alone, the country has been attempted to be ruled by six prime ministers with eight finance ministers, apart from their deputy ministers. At the same time, however, the fact that, at least for the first time in decades, society, beyond and beyond ideological approaches, is so concentrated, it raises hopes. As it simply does not provide broad support to a government, beyond ideological differences, but is asked to pursue even a different systematic economic policy than the one it has announced, as long as the homeland is saved, there is growth and unemployment is addressed and inactivity in the private sector. As long as normalcy, trust, efficiency, justice, excellence, moderation and hope are restored.

The interlocutors of the President of the Republic informed him about the activities of each sub Chamber and areas of intense interest, such as energy, major infrastructure projects, etc. They also pointed out the desire of the vast majority of companies coming from other EU countries. to continue operating in Greece. And they noted their readiness for significant investments in a number of sectors, with very important funds, which will create a number of new jobs, provided the minimum conditions that any investor, European or foreign, needs to feel safe.

Messrs. Maillis, Tsamichas, Lemarie and Economopoulos expressed to the President of the Republic their confidence that, if the concrete measures that have already been proposed are implemented immediately and effectively and which have no financial cost for anyone, as long as the regularity of budgetary matters is restored and timely problems related to effective governance, justice and stability, Greece can quickly attract the productive wealth it so desperately needs.

If logic prevails in time, the Greece of extroversion and competitiveness can quickly become the homeland and the seat of the most creative, capable, innovative and rich citizens and companies from all over the world. Only then, in general, will the crisis in the country, apart from opportunity, finally become a thing of the past.

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